What drives us?

We want to help imagine, create and bring to life solutions that solve real problems and make a difference in people’s lives. We want to work with people who share our passion for elegant, effective and efficient products and services.

Our belief?

Human-centred innovation is fantastic fuel for the positive progression of people’s well-being.

Our approach?

The sweet-spot of innovation can be found in solutions that are desirable (human needs), feasible (technology possibilities) and viable (business model).

Our track record?

We have repeatedly and successfully experienced that by using a combination of the right team, an appropriate mind-set and tested tools we can initiate innovation that is an effective response to real needs.

What do
we do?

We work with all types of teams across the world to envision, design, build and implement innovative solutions…

… by addressing specific opportunities or challenges such as:

  • the design and introduction of an energy management solution (for a large utility company).
  • the design of an opti-channel approach to customer communication (for a large financial institution).
  • the design of a chronic disease management application (for a health start-up).

… and/or by helping organisations implement a more effective approach to innovation through:

  • effectively establishing ongoing processes, organisational elements and strategies that enable innovation & create effectively-designed services (for a large health insurer).
  • coach employees to think like innovators, come to a sharp, shared definition of innovation, establish comprehensive metrics, help ensure accountable and capable innovation leaders and innovation-friendly management processes (for a regional development agency).

These and other reference cases are available on request.

How do we do it?

We have extensive experience implementing design thinking, service design, lean start-up & the business model canvas.

Flow design works 4 phase approach

Our experience has shown that successful innovation efforts are:



Everything starts from a deep understanding of the needs of the users



Experience Design is impossible without the engagement of key stakeholders



Visualise and prototype your solutions early and often



Start small, test early and learn quickly from failure and success

we are.

We’re a human-centred innovation agency strategically located in the heart of Europe. We’re technology-agnostic & focus on the stakeholders. We design, advise, implement & coach. We have had success in a wide variety of contexts for a wide variety of clients (cases available on request).

We believe in putting together the right team to fit the project (rather than having the project fit the team) so we have an established international network of experts (strategy, research, UX design, change management, business modelling etc.) to support your innovation efforts in a way that is complementary with your internal resources.

To discuss how we could help you or just to have an exchange of ideas on successful innovation, please feel free to contact Joep Paemen, our senior partner for a conversation at: joep.paemen@flowdesignworks.com or +32 499 679245